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For a fixed monthly fee we will remove all your IT pain points and provide proactive reviews of your tech to help you achieve your business goals. Let us do what we are good at and allow you to focus on what you need to get done.

Gareth and the team are always there, on the end of a support ticket or on the phone keeping things running smoothly. I can just get on with my day to day knowing that if anyone has a problem they can just give QCT a call and it’ll all be sorted. The quarterly reviews are also really helpful as they allow us to make sure we are using the available technology to help us provide great customer service.

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How does your pricing work?

We break our support packages down into three areas; Sites, Servers and Users and build our pricing accordingly.


All of our support packages include the tools you need to ensure compliance with the UK Government Cyber Essentials (and CE+) scheme and we can help you obtain that certification if required.


We have a 24/7 option as well if your business is operating around the clock and needs that level of support.




£250 per site per month

We define a site as any location where 1 or more of your employees normally work that is not their home address or where 2 of more people normally work. Working from a coffee shop once a week or working from home won’t add to the count but a branch office in the next town or a garage conversion with 2 people working there will.

What's included

Each site license covers;

  • 24x7x365 monitoring – We will proactively monitor all network devices (routers, switches, wireless points, printers, cctv, etc) to ensure everything is working as it should and that there are no known cyber security problems that could be exploited
  • Backup – We will maintain backups of settings on supported devices to help with disaster recovery or problems caused by configuration corruptions
  • Microsoft 365 monitoring – We will monitor specific aspects of your Microsoft 365 account (commonly called your Tennant) to make sure things are working and that you are keeping up with the best practice security principles
  • Patching – We keep an eye on hardware suppliers to make sure patching and security updates to network and wireless equipment are up to date and properly secured
  • Tools for CE and CE+ – By default our site package includes all the software you need to get your site infrastructure to pass Cyber Essentials +. We still have to take the assessment and pay the annual fee to get the certificate but renewal will be simple as we will have kept on top of any none conformities


£300 per physical server or virtual machine

You may not know how many servers you have but that’s fine we can work that out for you. We charge per physical server if you just have physical or per “virtual” server if you have a virtualised setup.

What's included

Each server license covers;

  • 24x7x365 monitoring – We monitor various critical metrics and services to resolve issues before they become problems
  • 9-5 Monday through Friday remote support – If the above monitoring spots something is amiss, we get straight on it
  • Security Updates – We will ensure that all relevant security updates are applied in a timely manner to keep you as secure as we can
  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus – Threats are always changing and evolving and the protection that we provide evolves too. Next Gen Antivirus or Endpoint detection and response (EDR) helps us as part of our layered approach to security
  • Off site backup – Our awesome backup system keeps a copy of your data securely offsite and includes a disaster recovery and business continuity package so that if the worst happens we can have you back up and running in minutes
  • Backup Testing – Backups are only any good if they work! We Monitor and test backups regularly to ensure they are working and valid
  • Tools for CE and CE+ – By default our server package includes all the software you need to get your server to pass Cyber Essentials +

Standard User

£50 per user per month

This covers your normal office staff. They have a laptop or a PC and maybe a company mobile phone, email, documents, teams, some business specific software and printers… they always have printers. We make sure all of the kit is in tip top condition and that all of your data is secured AND backed up just in case anything goes wrong.

What's included (It's a lot!)
  • Awesome Support – Access to our friendly and helpful support team from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday for issues with mobile devices or email. The 9-5 M-F support can be upgraded to 24/7/365 for an additional £25 per user per month but must be applied to all standard users.
  • Monitoring – 24x7x365 Monitoring of systems to make sure we know about any issues before they become problems
  • Backups – Cloud providers are not an alternative to a proper backup solution. We include backup of your Microsoft 365 emails and files as part of our standard user plan
  • Better Passwords – We provide a Password manager with two factor and passkeys support. Along with ongoing training this will allow your team to have better password hygine and to ensure that a breach with one site does not mean all your accounts are compromised
  • Cyber Awareness Training – Security Awareness Training to upskill your team and to help prevent bad guys getting in the door.
  • Email Signature Management – Make your emails pop and add to your marketing / sales process by giving your marketing team access to create by your marketing team to create beautiful, consistent email signatures
  • Bespoke Support App – Getting in touch is simple using or support app
  • Asset Management – We get all your kit listed on our documentation poral so everyone knows what kit is where and we have a good idea of what will need replacing so that we can create budgets
  • Dedicated Point of Contact – We know how important it is for you to have consistent points of contact. We will give you a named contact for support issues and a point of escalation should you ever need it
  • Dark Web Monitoring – We use several different 3rd party systems to keep an eye on the dark web and to monitor for potential breaches
  • Multiple Devices – Support includes a desktop PC or laptop and a single mobile device for each user (additional devices are a £10 option)
  • Microsoft Updates – Keeping your copy of Windows up to date is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your system safe and secure. We apply updates on a regular basis and monitor systems to make sure they are up to date.
  • 3rd Party Updates – A close second to Windows updates, keeping other 3rd party tools up to date is a key part of our security layering for our customers.
  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus – Threats are always changing and evolving and the protection that we provide evolves too. Next Gen Antivirus or Endpoint detection and response (EDR) helps us as part of our layered approach to keep you as secure as we can
  • Tools for CE and CE+ – As with the Site and Server licenses our user package includes all the software you need to make sure your users and user devices are able to pass Cyber Essentials +. We still have to take the assessment and pay the annual fee to get the certificate but renewal will be simple as we will have kept on top of any none conformities

lite User

£25 per user per month

Got some users who don’t have a PC or laptop but do need access to email on a company owned mobile or tablet? Maybe warehouse staff or field engineers? No worries, we have a plan for that as well, the Lite User plan is designed to keep those users working smoothly whilst still keeping things secure.

What's included

I’m cheating here… Rather than typing the “standard user” bit out again and making you read it, again; A Lite user is basically the same as a standard user but WITHOUT support for, and the software needed on a PC / Mac / Laptop.



The not so small print:

All of our support contracts are offered on rolling monthly terms, we want you to be a customer because you love our work not just because a contracts says so. However we do have a 6 month minimum commitment as some of the services we use have this as a minimum term. 

This is our 2024 offering, prices are per month and are exclusive of VAT.

Some of the security and automation tools we use require a specific Microsoft 365 license be in place, we can help with the supply of these licenses but they are billed separately as priced by Microsoft. We can take a look at your current Microsoft account and work out what, if anything, needs to be added / upgraded.


Example Pricing

We think our pricing is fairly straight forward but just to give some ideas we have created some example companies (not at all based on any existing customers…) to give you an idea.

Imagine a small Legal office with 5 staff who either work from the office, from home or from court. They are totally in the cloud and everyone has a laptop + company mobile.

In this instance we would charge for 1 site, for the office, and 5 Standard users for a total of £500 ex vat per month for support


This example is a company that provides engineering support to their customers. There are 5 full time office staff who use a program that runs from a server on site and 20 field engineers who work from a mobile phone.

For this example we would charge for 1 site, 1 server, 5 standard users and 20 lite users for a total of £1,300

Imagine a company who sell widgets that are dispatched from a central warehouse. In addition to the warehouse they have two regional sales offices. There are 5 warehouse staff, 10 sales team, 1 hr, 3 finance and a director. They have one physical server that runs two virtual servers.

The charges for this setup would include 3 x sites, 2 x servers, 5 x lite users and 20 standard users. The total per month would be £2,475

What's next?

The next step in the process would be for us to arrange a “right fit” call where we meet up either physically or virtually to make sure that our organisations are a good fit for each other. Not everyone likes a slightly sarcastic Brit with a silly moustache at the helm of their IT support… not sure why but they walk among us…

So get in touch and we can arrange a meeting to talk through the details, provide a proper tailored quote and, assuming that’s all ok, arrange a date to onboard you and your team.

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