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IT Consultancy and Technical Services For Business

What we do

We provide a wide range of consultancy services for companies of all sizes and extend IT support beyond traditional approaches. It is our role to help you make the best use of the resources that you have and to help you to drive the development of your company using technology and technical solutions.

These services range from advice on and supply of new computers and printers through to visiting overseas offices and sitting on ISO 9001/27001 boards to provide advice on technical solutions and helping ensure GDPR compliance. Our aim is always to get to know you and how you work so that we can provide a solution that works for you. It's all about you!

One of our main focuses is to integrate all of your services to allow better communication between various parts of your business. Sending sales data from QuickBooks to CRM, generating quotes and linking them to both QuickBooks and CRM, automatically logging phone calls with your CRM or having a big screen in your sales office showing sales figures and targets. It's all about making sure your staff have access to the data they need to make sales and keep your promises.

How we do it

First things first, we work WITH you. We do not take on many clients as it's important for us to build a very close working relationship. We learn and understand how your business operates and then start to provide. Whilst we do sometimes take on one-off projects, most of our work is part of a much longer business relationship. We have been working for our longest standing customer for 15+ years.

As you would expect, we have preferred brands and suppliers for most services we work with. HP computers, Servers and network infrastructure, Ubiquiti for wireless equipment and CCTV, Cisco phones, Zen for internet connectivity, LACRM for customer relationship management, for web hosting and domain names and QuickBooks for accounting. We are however always willing to consider alternatives and constantly keep an eye on the markets to make sure we are selecting the best value for money options whilst maintaining a very high quality level. As with our customers, we have been working with some of these suppliers for 15+ years and have seen them grow into the companies they are today.

We also work with several cloud services providers to enable us to offer you the best and most up to date solutions in today's mobile first working environment. We are a Microsoft partner working with Office 365 and Azure and our own internal systems mostly run on Amazon Web services.

we work with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems as well as managing and developing solutions for Apple and Android smart phones

About QCT

QCT was founded in 2002 by three partners to provide IT support to educational establishments and grew from strength to strength. In mid-2014 Director Gareth Westwood merged his other business, WFF Systems ltd into QCT adding additional Business customers to the existing education sector customer base.

In 2016 QCT decided to move out of the education sector and concentrate on providing high quality advice and services to business.

We have continued to develop an extensive range of experience since our foundation whilst retaining the personal relationship so valued by our cients.

We work on supplying the right product for the job and would rather walk away from a project than compromise the quality of our work.

The companies registered office is in Stone, Staffordshire but we also have offices and warehouse space in Stafford

Director Gareth Westwood has been a member of the scout association since joining as a Beaver in 1986 and has been a leader for 20+ years. This background in volunteering and helping the local community comes through in QCT's values and ethos. We always try to be prepared and to do our best.