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Pay As You Go

We are not a mobile phone company but we like the simplistic idea

of just paying for what use use, when you use it.


If that sounds like your kind of thing then read on


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Keeping it Simple

Not every organisation wants or needs the commitment to a regular monthly support contract (although we do recommend it in most instances). For those firms we are able to offer our expert services on a Pay As You Go basis.

We will use our cutting edge remote support tool to access your device so that we can quickly and efficiently resolve your issues.

By taking the stress of IT away from you and your team we allow you to focus on what you do best and fuel your productivity.


Gareth at QCT regularly drops onto our server to make sure updates are performed and is available as and when we need him to help the team or to resolve any niggles we have.

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How does it work?

As you would hope, we keep the pricing simple.


Our standard hourly rate is £125 per hour between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through to Friday. For remote work we bill to the nearest 15 min block, if we need to attend site then we charge a minimum of 1 hour (including travel time) and then by the 15 min block.


Ring us up, where possible we will provide a time estimate, we will do the work and send you an invoice when it’s done.


Any hardware that we supply as part of a PAYG agreement would need to be paid for at the point it’s ordered.


Where there is a valid business requirement that has been discussed in advance we can offer service outside of our normal hours. This would be charged at 2 x our standard rate and billed by the hour.



What services do you offer?

IT Helpdesk / Support

We are on the end of the phone to help your team out when they need it most.

Providing support for printer problems, misbehaving Excel sheets or password resets on your Microsoft account.

Our expert team are always there to get you back on track and working in the most efficient way we can

Digital Transformation

Technology is continually advancing and a big part of our job is to help our customers to use tech to help them achieve their business goals.

Whether it’s landing more customers by using a modern CRM that tracks your marketing KPI’s or ensuring your customer support team can efficiently communicate with web chat, phones and email we are here to help guide you.

Hardware Supply

Whilst you could just head over to Amazon and grab the current deal of the day we would highly recommend letting us handle your hardware purchases for you.

Making sure that we are getting the right sort of processor, correct amount of memory and appropriate version of Windows is what we do day in and day out.

Get the right thing first time.

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